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CuteCarry Sdn Bhd was established to provide coaching and training services to government and private agencies. We are HRDF certified company with experienced and locally and internationally certified trainers.

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ABC (Appearance, Behaviour, Communication)

Our course is a combination of various topics; from building professional elegance to proper business communication.

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Protocol and Social Etiquette

Protocol and etiquette are the key elements in our daily life. They forms our personality and also reflect the organisation we represent.

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Formal functions require an orderly organisational structure which is based on specific regulations and protocols.

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Effective Communication

Communication is an important element in carrying out daily activities.

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Public Speaking and Hosting

The best public speakers are those who can give the audience an understanding of exactly what is to be delivered.

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Speech Writing and Reporting

A good speech will ensure that information will be communicated effectively to the audience.

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Hafiz Mustapha CuteCarry

Hafiz Mustapha is an image consultant, writer, fashion blogger and a founder/owner  of CuteCarry Sdn Bhd who owned blog by the domain of

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Hafiz Mustapha has been featured in The Star, Kosmo, Majalah EH, New Straits Times, In Trend, Women Weekly, Majalah Jelita, The Sun and also a guest in TV3 Wanita Hari ini, TV1 Selamat Pagi Malaysia, TV9 Nasi Lemak Kopi O and also TV9 Hip TV (as a fashion police) and special guest on Generasi Y TV1. Also a TV host with celebrity Kavita Kaur for TV1 programme called Fesyenista and kids fashion programme Ceria Lebaran. He is also making special appearance in TV3 series, Memberku Hawa

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